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Register For An Account On Mega888 Online Casino

Start your Mega888 journey today and climb to the top of the online casino scene in Malaysia by first setting up your account on Mega888. Before we begin, you’ll need to have the Mega888 client already set up on your preferred device — Android, Apple, or PC. A simple download guide may be found here but we’ll also go through how to download the Mega888 client below.

If you don’t have an account on Mega888, not to worry! That’s why we’re here. Look no further than the few simple steps below to create a new account on Mega888.

But first things first, you’ll need to create an account on Play88 before you may begin the account creation process for Mega888. Head on over to Play88’s website, locate the “JOIN NOW” at the top right of the page, and click it. You’ll be brought to a separate registration page to input your new account details including a unique username and password. If you have an affiliate ID, also put it in before submitting.

1. Set Up A Play88 Account

Once you’re done setting up your Play88 account, locate the more options button (1) one the top left corner of the page if you’re on mobile, then click on the “FUNDS” button (2).

2. Transfer Funds

Click on the “TRANSFER” button (3) which will bring you to a separate page wherein you are required to transfer some of the funds from your Play88 wallet to Mega888 before you are able to start the account creation.

3. Fill In The Transfer Details

In this form, fill in the amount you’re going to use as funds to play on Mega888 and select the origin of the funds (in this case from your Play88 wallet). Then, set the destination of your money as Mega888 (4) and click on submit.

4. Download The Mega888 APK

Once you’re done sending the funds to your Mega888 wallet, it’s time to download the Mega888 client (from here) for your preferred device — either Android or iOS.

5. Launch The Mega888 App

Once the download has completed, launch the app on your device. If you’ve completed all of the prior steps correctly, Mega888 should generate a first-time unique username and password for your account.

Simply log in to your account by using the generated username and password, and you can start playing!

Note: Keep your Mega888 account details secure and do not, under any circumstances share your information with anyone, including friends and family as it could put your account at risk.

Terms & Conditions of Mega888

Mega888 will not be liable for any losses incurred while playing on the Mega888 app. The Mega888 app will first need to be downloaded onto your smart devices or PC before you may begin playing.